Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sony Batteries with Fujitsu Notebook

The covered Sony batteries were sold with several Fujitsu LifeBook® notebook computer models, and were also sold as separate accessories. Fujitsu will replace designated batteries with new batteries, free of charge and including all shipping and handling, whether or not they have actually failed.

The issue is confined to th
e battery itself, and is not related to the computer that uses the battery. Therefore, this program will only replace the potentially affected batteries, not the computers in which the batteries came or were installed.

If you choose, contrary to the advice of Fujitsu, to continue to use your LifeBook with an affected Sony battery while waiting for a replacement, you can reduce risk by taking the following precautions:
Do not use the LifeBook simultaneously on battery power with the AC adapter; disconnect the AC adapter from the computer if using battery power.
Operate the computer only on a flat surface, and never on surfaces which retain heat (such as towels, blankets, clothing) or heated surfaces
Cease using battery power if temperature exceeds usual heat levels
Remove the battery at all other times
Once you receive and install your replacement battery, you may