Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Acer Laptop Speakers">

Laptop Speakers - USB, Portable, Compact, Travel Speaker for PC and Mac - B-Flex Hi-Fi Stereo USB Speaker (Black)

Acer Laptop Speakers Details
Plug and play for PC and Mac. Uses only USB power, no wires or batteries!
Easy to use. Incredibly compact and portable. Great for travel!
Produces crystal clear sound with a 2-watt digital amp and 2 high output, full range micro drivers.
Patent pending flexible design allows you to totally customize your listening experience by flexing the speaker into virtually any position.
This amazing gadget was featured in the NY Times, on ABC News, and on virtually every gadget site in the world.

Need better sound from your laptop? The stylish new B-Flex is a compact stereo speaker on a USB flex cable for laptops and desktops. Plug and play for PC and Mac with no batteries or wires! Easy to use, great for travel, mp3's, DVD's, presentations, and gaming! Features a 2 watt digital amp that acts as its own sound card. Uses 2 full range paper cone micro drivers for crystal clear sound. The patented flex design allows you to position the speaker for optimum listening enjoyment. The only product of its kind, the B-Flex has been featured in the New York Times, on ABC News, on Gizmodo, and many others. Makes a great gift! A White unit is also available.

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